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Covered & Connected

Don't let the rain compromise your style. Protect your designer handbags with Hello Rain's Handbag Poncho and compact Smart Umbrella. We keep you covered and connected!

Smart & Stylish

Hello Rain Stylish Handbag Poncho

Keep your favorite handbags protected in rain, incremental weather, or even a day at the beach! Handbag Poncho is available in clear or frosted.

Hello Rain Smart Umbrella with USB Tassel Connector

Multi-functioning umbrella featuring a built-in portable charger that connects to Android or Apple smartphones. Custom tassel charging cord included. Available in blush pink or gold. 

Hello Rain Poncho & USB Umbrella Set

Select your favorite pair. Choose your umbrella color and smart phone type then simply pick your poncho style. Purchase together and save! 

Fashionable Designs

Hello Rain’s chic and high-quality handbag ponchos are custom made to accentuate your designer bags, keeping them protected from the rain and inclement weather.

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Covered & Connected

Nothing is worse than having your phone die when you’re on the go. Hello Rain’s stylish umbrella doubles as a  portable charger that is easy to use. Simply plug our stylish tassel cord into your favorite smart device and you’re good to go!

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Exclusive Offers

There are many ways to gain access to Hello Rain’s exclusive offers. When you refer a friend you get $5 OFF your purchase of $25 or more! Connect with Hello Rain online and show us your style using #MyHelloRain and gain access to our insider tips and additional exclusive offers.

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"I love Hello Rain's stylish handbag poncho and umbrella set. It's so cute and easy to use when I get caught in the rain. Thank you Hello Rain, We're Covered!"
Haley M.
Fashion Blogger

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Hello Rain Community

Hello Rain Community

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Find Us On The Go

Stay tuned for future locations. Hello Rain's new, cool and innovative way to shop will keep you connected  on the go!


Match Your Style

To keep you looking your best, we have designed our handbag ponchos and umbrellas to complement any style.


Keeping You Covered

Our exclusive handbag ponchos are tailored to fit your designer handbag flawlessly. Trust us, we get it!


Stylish and Compact

Purchase our handbag poncho and umbrella set and receive our compact carrier and stylish tassel charging cord accessory FREE.


Powering Your Devices

Don't carry bulky portable chargers. Simply connect the USB port of the Hello Rain umbrella to our stylish tassel accessory, then to any smart device to charge on the go!


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