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Don’t let unexpected rain bring you down. Stay chic with Hello Rain’s high-quality handbag poncho and umbrella set. We’ve designed our products to accent your style, protect your designer handbags, and keep you connected on the go! 


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Hello Rain Smart Umbrella in Pink Poncho in Clear

As a millennial living in a busy city where it rains on average every 3-4 days, Breanna noticed the need to stay covered and connected on the go. Breanna’s passion for fashion, technology, and designer handbags inspired her to create Hello Rain. Hello Rain now offers a compact, stylish and multi-functional accessory collection which includes a Handbag Poncho and Smart Umbrella that fits neatly in your favorite designer handbags. Even on sunny days, Hello Rain’s smart umbrella and handbag poncho will keep your favorite smart devices powered and protected from harmful rays on the go.